Integration of Species Occurrence Data

Taiwan began its National Digital Archives Program (later changed to Taiwan e-Learning and Digital Archives Program, TELDAP) in 2001, aiming to promote the digitization of archives and knowledge dissemination for the development of Taiwan. All the content metadata were recorded in Dublin Core (DC) and uploaded to the Union Catalog. In doing so, however, some data, especially those in natural history collections, were left out since they couldn’t be mapped to any DC fields. Moreover, due to the demand of using Chinese language in the Union Catalog, data in English were completely ignored.

TaiBIF began in 2008 to try to solve these problems for TELDAP’s Biosphere and Natural Thematic Group. It proposed to add Darwin Core (DwC) tags in addition to the original DC and submitted to the Thematic Group a concrete plan in 2009. The plan calls for establishing TaiBIF as the information retrieval and application platform and, through this platform, international data exchanges can then be made possible. The institutions in the Group are asked to send directly to TaiBIF the fields and contents of their databases, using XML, Excel, Access, or other formats they are accustomed to. TaiBIF then maps the metadata in Darwin Core to Dublin Core and, on behalf of these institutions, hand them over to the Union Catalog. As the result of this practice, not only the biodiversity-related information produced by the Thematic Group can go to the Union Catalog, but also the species occurrence data can be applied to the service tools that TaiBIF developed.

(Last modified in April 2012)